American Idol 2019 Top 10 Result: Evelyn Cormier Sings Dust in the Wind

American Idol 2019: Evelyn Cormier Sings Dust in the Wind by Kansas

Evelyn Cormier “Dust In the Wind” on American Idol Top 14 Results show survival or sing off performance

Dust in the Wind by Kansas – Evelyn is NOT in the Top 10 according to America’s vote. Evelyn Must Sing for her Life!. Is she seriously singing the corny Dust in the Wind? OK then. Still, this is a better fit for her than last night’s atrocious Jimmy Eat World cover. She’s popping her p’s. A few mic lessons might be in order. Again. Her tone is very odd. Lionel claims he’s “in shock.” He promises “this is not the end. This is the beginning of your long career.” Kim thinks she’s “super pro…graceful and beautiful. I think your way to becoming an artist.” Luke thinks her thing may be a niche that America is split on. “Don’t let it change who you are.”

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