Best Darci Lynne and Simon Cowell Funny Moments on AGT

Darci Lynne Farmer is a ventriloquist and singer who rose to fame after winning the 12th season of America’s Got Talent (AGT) in 2017. Her performances on the show were filled with humor and entertainment, and here are some of the best funny moments she shared with judge Simon Cowell:

Simon’s Crush on Darci’s Puppet, Oscar: During one of Darci’s performances, Simon couldn’t help but express his admiration for her puppet, Oscar. He even jokingly admitted to having a crush on the puppet, which prompted laughter from the audience.

Darci’s Puppet, Edna, Flirting with Simon: Darci’s puppet, Edna Doorknocker, is known for her flirtatious behavior. During one of her performances, Edna couldn’t resist flirting with Simon, much to the amusement of the judges and the audience.

Simon Becomes a Puppet: In one of the episodes, Darci brought out a new puppet named Simon Cowell, which she made in his likeness. She then proceeded to make Simon Cowell puppet say and do silly things, including singing a song.

Simon’s Awkward Dance Moves: During a performance by Darci and her puppet Petunia, Simon was caught on camera dancing awkwardly in his seat. The judges and the audience couldn’t help but laugh at his comical dance moves.

Simon Gets Heckled by Darci’s Puppet: During the finals, Darci brought out her puppet, Petunia, who started heckling Simon. She told him that he needed a new haircut and that she had a better chance of winning the competition than he did. Simon took the jokes in good humor and even played along. She’s a comedian( and a funny one with jokes that flow), a ventriloquist and she sings with her mouth shut!!! She better be the freaking winner this season.

Darci Lynne and Simon Cowell had a great rapport on the show, and their funny moments provided a lot of entertainment for the audience and we hope you love to watch Darci Lynne Simon Cowell moments tonight.

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