Best Fona the Hippo eating Watermelon and Pumpkin


Do you like to watch Fiona the hippo eating watermelon ? Fiona the hippo is a famous hippopotamus who gained worldwide popularity when she was born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017. She is known for her playful antics and love of watermelons. When it comes to eating watermelon, Fiona is quite the expert….

How much does fiona the hippo weigh now


Fiona the hippopotamus, born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in 2017, captured the hearts of millions around the world with her story of survival and resilience. Today, she has become an ambassador for her species, as well as a beloved member of the zoo family. With her growing popularity, many people are…

What Happened To Allysa Swilley at Animal Adventure Park

animal adventure park alyssa fired

Animal Adventure Park, located in New York, has been a popular tourist destination for families and animal lovers alike. It’s a unique and exciting experience for visitors to interact with a variety of animals, from primates to reptiles, and more. However, a recent event has caused some concern amongst the park’s supporters, leading many to…

Fiona the Hippo 2022 Update


In a recent video, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden unveiled the name for the newest hippo, a baby boy named Fritz. The Cincinnati Zoo asked the public for name suggestions and received more than 90,000 responses. After narrowing the choices down to Fritz and Ferguson, the zoo chose the latter. Fiona and Tucker are currently…

Padme the Camel Has Died at Denver Zoo

Padme the Camel Has Died at Denver Zoo

Do you know Padme the Camel has died at Denver Zoo ? We have some sad news to share about Padme, our 19-year-old, geriatric Bactrian camel. For the last few years, our expert animal care staff have been managing Padme’s chronic arthritis through acupuncture and arthritis medication, which allowed Padme to continue to live comfortably…

Amazing Animal Adventure Park Arty the Elf 2023

Animal Adventure Park Arty the Elf 2021

You are reading Animal Adventure Park Arty the Elf 2023 Day 19, one nursery space, to the next,Spending time with babies, calming effects! Another day of rest, Arty is found, Cozied up tight, amongst ostrich down. But hold on tight, could be in for a ride, Forty miles per hour, average adult stride! Which he…