‘American Idol’ 2024: Who’s in the top 20? How to vote

The highly anticipated American Idol 2024 top 20 showcase featured an exhilarating lineup of talent. Season 18 fan-favorite Lauren Spencer-Smith made a triumphant return to the stage, captivating the audience with her powerful vocals and stage presence. Joining her were the soulful Teddy Swims and the charismatic Paul Russell, each delivering stellar performances that left the judges in awe.

The iconic judging panel comprised of music legends Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan was visibly impressed by the impressive lineup of contestants. Host Ryan Seacrest skillfully guided the evening’s proceedings with his signature charm and professionalism, adding to the overall excitement of the event. The enthusiastic reception from both the judges and the audience solidified this top 20 showcase as a memorable and promising start to American Idol’s new season.

American Idol 2024 top 20 – Who’s in the top 20

Jack Blocker sings You Don’t Mess Around with Jim by Jim Croce

His mom in Dallas is his biggest fan after growing up watching the show. I’m not sure about this song choice. Maybe his grandparents will appreciate it. It’s a song that was popular back in the 70s but didn’t exactly become a classic. He changes the arrangement enough to make it his own. But performing first with a mid-tempo diddy could hurt him.

Mia Matthews sings Wildflowers and Wild Horses by Lainey Wilson

Mia loves her hometown in Alabama. There’s a clip of Worth the Wait performing at the Opry. She shares about finding herself outside of the singing trio. Since her audition, Mia has come into her own. I would not have predicted it initially, but she could go far. Always the best singer in the tiro with her mom and sister (they competed on The Voice a few seasons ago), her confidence is growing.


Mackenzie Sol sings I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Luke is impressed with his dedication, and is a guy he wants to cheer for. Lionel says, “I get that you’re trying to say something to us.” Katy says, “I loved watching that clip of baby you. Laughter and music is the medicine.” Katy wants more enunciation. He could improve a lot with some coaching.

Roman Collins sings Never Would Have Made it by Marvin Sapp

Lionel stands with his palms in the air. “Let the congregation say Amen! God has a plan for you!” Katy says, “I guess I believe again! The prodigal daughter is back again!” She loved hearing his story. Luke says, “It was spiritually beautiful.”


Nya sings Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles

Her strict parents from Nigeria wanted her to go to college and be a professional. Sadly, her father died when she was 16. “Georgia on My Mind” is her song for him. Her arrangement is jazzy and upbeat. Her phrasing is deceptively tricky. She makes it look easy, though. She’s emotional at the end of the song. He never had the chance to see her performance.


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