Kaya Stewart Sings “This Tattoo” As Dad Dave Stewart Plays Guitar For Backup! – American Idol 2023


Kaya Stewart’s performance of “This Tattoo” on American Idol 2023 was nothing short of captivating. The young singer’s talent shone through as she took to the stage and belted out the lyrics with raw emotion and power. The song itself, “This Tattoo,” is a beautiful and soulful ballad that speaks to the heart. It tells […]

Elise Kristine’s Vocals Soar With This Aretha Franklin Hit- American Idol 2023


Elise Kristine burst onto the American Idol stage in 2023 with a powerful voice and undeniable charisma. From her very first audition, she stood out as a contestant to watch, impressing the judges and audiences alike with her raw talent and emotional depth. Elise, a 23-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee, grew up singing in church and […]

Trailer Park Mouth Sierra Harris Nails This Katy Perry Song! – American Idol 2023


Sierra Harris is a relatively unknown singer, and there is no information available about her as of my knowledge cut-off date of September 2021. Therefore, it is impossible to say whether she will appear on American Idol or perform “Barracuda” by Heart on the show in 2023 or any other year. However, “Barracuda” is a […]

The humble and lovable Cameron Osterloh gets his moment on American Idol Tonight


Congratulations to Cam Amen on winning the Platinum Ticket! It’s always great to see talented individuals like him get recognized for their hard work and dedication. I’m also glad to hear that Cam Amen has chosen to sing “Hallelujah” for himself. It’s important for artists to stay true to themselves and their own artistic vision, […]

Warren Peay Is The Christian Chris Stapleton & Gave Luke Bryan Chills – American Idol 2023


Warren Peay’s audition on American Idol 2023 was a jaw-dropping moment that left judges and viewers in awe. His rich, soulful voice and dynamic stage presence drew comparisons to some of the biggest names in country music, including Chris Stapleton. But it was his unwavering faith and dedication to his Christian beliefs that made him […]

Mariah Faith Dedicates This Audition To Her Late Step-Dad – American Idol 2023


The judges think Mariah Faith is a LION that needs to be let loose and that she could go ALL THE WAY on Idol! This small town South Carolina hairstylist is singing in honor of her biggest supporter, her late stepdad, so she’s super emotional after getting her golden ticket. And to top it off, […]

Hannah Nicolaisen Goes From Sports To Music To Hollywood Week – American Idol 2023


American Idol has been a platform that has given birth to many stars over the years, and Hannah Nicolaisen is one such star who has recently caught the attention of fans and judges alike. Her powerful voice and captivating performances have made her a fan favorite, and her journey to the top is nothing short […]

Cay Aliese American Idol Audition performance tonight


Cay Aliese is one of the most promising contestants on American Idol 2023. With her unique style, powerful vocals, and magnetic personality, she has captured the hearts of both judges and fans alike. In this article, we will take a closer look at Cay Aliese, her journey on American Idol, and what makes her such […]

Watch Amara Valerio American Idol Audition performance tonight


Amara Valerio is one of the standout contestants on American Idol 2023. She has captured the hearts of fans and judges alike with her powerful vocals and soulful performances. In this article, we will take a closer look at Amara Valerio, her journey on American Idol, and what makes her such a special talent. Amara […]

Katy Perry Wants Emma Busse To Lose The Broadway Voice & Come To Hollywood Week – American Idol 2023


In a recent episode of American Idol 2023, Katy Perry made a bold statement about contestant Emma Busse. During Busse’s audition, Perry noted that Busse had a “Broadway” voice, which may not necessarily translate well to the pop music industry. Perry encouraged Busse to “lose the Broadway” and come back for Hollywood Week, where she […]