Mafe & Rivers Grayson’s Heartwarming Duet of Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend”


Mafe’s voice is naturally stronger than Rivers’. She drowns him out unfortunately. Mafe sings with vibrance and Rivers seems like a second thought in this duet. Watch Mafe Rivers Grayson the voice Battle. Reba says Rivers’ voice relaxed her and Mafe’s voice had depth. Chance says he loved their dynamic, Rivers’ nostalgic vibrato and Mafe’s…

Alyssa Crosby and Asher HaVon Show Their Power Singing “We Don’t Need Another Hero”


In the world of music, every season of “The Voice” brings about a battle like no other. As aspiring artists take the stage, each one vying for that coveted title, we witness raw talent and passion collide in an epic showdown. One particular performance that stands out is when contestants choose to sing powerful ballads…

Karen Waldrup vs Ryan Argast Perform Save me the Trouble


As the competition heats up on ‘The Voice,vocal abilities and stage presence, these artists are set to deliver electrifying performances that will captivate audi‘ viewers are eagerly anticipating the showdown between Team Dan + Shay’s talented contestants. With their exceptional ences worldwide. One standout aspect of this season’s battles is how each contestant brings a unique…

Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester Rock Out on “Rolling in the Deep”


“The Voice Battles 25 kick off on Monday, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for talented singers across the nation. As the competition heats up, contestants will showcase their vocal prowess in head-to-head duels, aiming to impress the coaches and win over the audience. Watch Bryan Olesen Nathan Chester the Voice Battle performance. The…

L. Rodgers’ Incredible Journey Leads Her to Join Coach Reba’s Team


At just 34 years old, the talented L Rodgers took the stage with a mesmerizing rendition of “Wild Horses.” Her deep and controlled voice captivated both the audience and the judges, earning him a well-deserved spot on Team Reba. With her soulful performance, Rodgers showcased not only his vocal prowess but also his ability to…

Olivia Rubini’s Phenomenal Linda Ronstadt Cover Earns John’s Last Spot


Olivia Rubini The Voice – Olivia Rubini, at just 24 years old, possesses a voice that captivates audiences with its unique style and beauty. When she sings classics like “Long Long Time,” her rendition is nothing short of mesmerizing. Olivia’s voice stands out not only for its clarity and range but also for the emotion…

Ducote Talmage sings Sand In My Boots on The Voice Blind Auditions


Ducote Talmage from “The Voice” who caught everyone’s attention with his rendition of “Sand In My Boots.” At just 20 years old, his performance showcased a unique blend of talent and potential. Despite some pitchy parts that Reba pointed out, it was evident that Ducote has some grit in his voice which sets him apart….

AJ Harvey Performs Girl From the North Country The Voice


With a great voice and another unique sound, 25-year-old AJ Harvey captivated audiences with her stunning performances on “The Voice.” Her rendition of “Girl From the North Country” left the judges and viewers in awe, showcasing her exceptional talent and vocal range. Watch AJ Harvey The Voice performance After impressing everyone with her performance, AJ…