Genius Golden Retriever Dog Learns How To Use Treat Dispenser

Have you read genius Golden Retriever Dog learns how to use treat dispenser ?  We’ve all seen the intelligence of dogs, but one golden retriever has taken it to a whole new level. This genius pup has figured out how to use a treat dispenser, and it’s quite impressive! The golden retriever is able to identify the dispenser and figure out how to get the treats out with minimal effort. It’s an amazing feat that demonstrates just how smart our canine friends can be.

The treat dispenser was designed to help pet owners provide their furry friends with treats without having to constantly monitor them. But this golden retriever has taken it one step further by learning how to use it on its own. Not only does this show off its intelligence, but it also highlights the bond between humans and animals.

We have always had Labrador retrievers, but recently got a golden retriever. Highly recommend. She is so loving but very very cheeky and mischievous. Just as well she is cute and gets away with it 

Watch Genius Golden Retriever Dog Learns How To Use Treat Dispenser

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You should get one for your dog. Most likely would think it would be to much work he would just sit and give me that look he has. If I don’t give in to him he fallow yoy around until you give in. But you got to love them.

My heart will forever cherish and hold the sweet memories of our precious Golden Retriver, Heidi Girl! She was the kindest loving Creature that the LORD ever placed on this earth! My heart always smile’s when thinking about her And some people think dogs don’t think! Boy are they wrong! This beautiful baby is just wonderful

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Bill Eng:
My vet always said my golden (Sawyer) was on his “bonus years” when he hit 12. I had Sawyer on Science Diet and then switched over to Science Diet light when he got over weight. He had several health issues (seizures, thyroid problems, arthritis, hearing loss, etc) and I had him on lots of meds which probably extended his life. Plus lots of love, pool in the yard, and he enjoyed being an inside dog. I want another golden but my significant other says no more

Our Spot figured out that if he dropped his Kong really hard, the treats would fall out. He was a puppy and it only took him a few tries to figure that out. He was a very smart dog.So does mine.. he taps my leg for either treats or scritches! He is really funny! Love your beautiful dog!

This would go over terribly in my house  as it is, my toddler showed our lab puppy how to open the fridge door and use the Brita dispenser. I think our dog would smash that thing open somehow and eat it all at once! No way would he have the patience to eat like this good dog and love to read genius Golden Retriever Dog Learns How To use treat dispenser today.

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