Alyssa Crosby vs RLetto The Knockouts Performances

What a beautiful , strong voice Alyssa has. Such a unique song choice too. It’s like it just flows out of her effortlessly.

Eliminated contestants tonight on The Voice Season 25 Knockout Rounds Night 2
Alyssa Crosby
Ducote Talmage
Gene Taylor
Zeya Ray
Advancing artists tonight on The Voice Season 25 Knockout Rounds Night 2
Jackie Romeo (Steal)
Justin & Jeremy Garcia
Kamalei Kawa’a (Steal)
Karen Waldrup
Maddi Jane
Zoe Levert

RLetto just screams uniqueness. He’s got so much control over his voice. It’s as if he’s been doing this forever. 

Watch  Alyssa Crosby vs RLetto The Knockouts performances.


Dan and Shay compliment Alyssa’s technique and song selection and says RLetto is a legend and compliment Chance’s arrangement. John says RLetto is a taste maker. Reba says Alyssa has grown leaps and bounds and RLetto has great stage presence. Chance says Alyssa killed the song and RLetto showed the mastery of the song.

Viewer reaction:

Beautiful use of dynamics, sweet tone, little accent. She works the stage while also spending time inside the lyric. Some nice explosive moments, she has a lotta range up there. Like the tender ending. Alyssa is amazing! She really stepped up and gave her best performance of the season. A lot of dynamics and power in her voice and chose a perfect song choice for her voice. I loved that! I would give the win to her by just a little bit. 

I’m sad Alyssa went home but tbh, Chance made the right choice here. RLETTO was 100% on all accounts while I believe Alyssa sang such a classic but didn’t use all the power she sure has in her voice. She was in my top 8. Thank you for singing, Alyssa! Don’t ever stop! Great save Chance ! Yep she was worth it. This is great. I would just loose some of the hand gestures as it looks like she doesn’t always know what to do with her hands. This was unreal! She definitely far outperformed Rleto! I can’t believe that she far outperforms, get even more incredible, and they’re tone deaf! Reba didn’t even have a vote and chose her and love Alyssa Crosby vs RLetto The Knockouts performance.

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