Elleigh Marie: Military Daughter Sings Her Way To A Standing Ovation on American Idol 2024

American Idol season 22 continues to captivate audiences as the competition heats up. After a brief hiatus for the Oscars, viewers are eagerly anticipating the next round of auditions in week 4.

During audition week 4, contestants will have their last chance to impress the judges and secure a spot in the next phase of the competition. This is where dreams are made or broken, and emotions run high as aspiring singers give it their all on stage.

Elleigh Marie American Idol performance tonight.

Elleigh is a full time cosmetologist. Her mom is a singer and teaches music. A military father meant that he was gone a lot of the time. Her mother wasn’t healthy, so she had a lot of responsibility. Her Dad is about to leave for another year long deployment. She breaks down talking about it.

Elleigh has a surprising voice. She’s a wispy looking young woman, but her voice is a deep rangy alto. She delivered a heartrending version of the song, hitting an amazing high note at the end. Katy felt it started average, and then opened up. “If you start in that space every time, you would be in superstar territory. Luke calls her “Top 10.” He calls it classy and older than her years. “You went to a place that was so pure,” says Lionel.

Elleigh feels turn between family obligations and following her dreams. The family joins them in the audition room. 3 yeses

Viewers react to Elleigh Marie American Idol performance

Jo Gergen Nelson
I’m so bummed watching American Idol this year. I’m working on a big cross stitch project, and I no sooner get the tears wiped out of my eyes, and somebody else comes on, and I have to cry again. I’m not getting very much cross stitching done because you can’t do that with tears in your eyes. What a show! Also side note: so furious Peyton didn’t get through. Yes her emotions were alot but, with her talent and song writing ability, she should have been given the opportunity to get to Hollywood and see how she did under pressure before crushing her.

Linda Starks
So heartfelt. Tears. Thanking her Dad for his service and thanking her Mom for raising such a sweet young lady. This girl is so beautiful with a great voice too! Thank her, her Dad, and her family for their service and sacrifice and love Elleigh Marie American Idol performance tonight.

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