America's Got Talent 2018 Zurcaroh Semifinals Performance Video

Zurcaroh Returns America’s Got Talent 2018 Tonight


This week, the troupe performs to an African theme. More flying children!One kiddo is used a jump rope before being tossed in the air. This group is always entertaining, though I’m not sure they topped themselves here. Tyra is so happy for her golden buzzer. The crowd is very LOUD. Can’t even hear Howie. Mel thinks they could win the entire show. Heidi calls the performance “jaw dropping.” She loves the children in particular. “You guys are ready for Vegas.”Simon calls it “sensational…you define the word positivity.” 

Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group IT'S A SHOW STOPPER INCREDIBLE & EPIC Semifinals week 1.

Zurcaroh is flipping out over their Golden Buzzer audition.

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Zurcaroh: Golden Buzzer Worthy Aerial Dance Group Impresses Tyra Banks

Zurcaroh: Massive Aerial Dance Act Delivers Incredible Flips On Stage

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Viewer reactions:

Stephanie Saczawa They are absolutely Vegas ready and deserve to win! Please vote to help them get to the final!

Jennifer Senger Oliver I'm not a huge fan of dance troupes in general, but this is the first time I feel a dance troupe just might win the gold in AGT's history. Love Zurcaroh! 

Sherry Dyer Black These guys are amazing! But I'm sad the Eastern European older men dancers went home. They teach poor children…

Noah Mathews I don't see what all the hype is. I mean they're good I guess and fun to watch, but not anything special. Their last performance felt very similar to their first performance, except for the costumes and the so-called "story".

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