Zurcaroh Golden Buzzer: Golden Buzzer Worthy Aerial Dance Group Impresses Tyra Banks - America's Got Talent 2018

Zurcaroh: Golden Buzzer Worthy Aerial Dance Group Impresses Tyra Banks – America’s Got Talent 2018

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Zurcaroh Golden Buzzer

This week, the troupe performs to an African theme. More flying children!One kiddo is used a jump rope before being tossed in the air. This group is always entertaining, though I’m not sure they topped themselves here. Tyra is so happy for her golden buzzer. The crowd is very LOUD. Can’t even hear Howie. Mel thinks they could win the entire show. Heidi calls the performance “jaw dropping.” She loves the children in particular. “You guys are ready for Vegas.”Simon calls it “sensational…you define the word positivity.” 

Zurcaroh Acrobatic Act GOLDEN BUZZER Winner JUST WOW!!! America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions 

The acrobatic dance troupe from Austria perform a stunning routine. This incredibly entertaining act earns a golden buzzer from Tyra Banks.

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Viewers reacted to Zurcaroh Golden Buzzer

Stefanie Williams OK…can we not get spoilers in the title of the article for the west coast?!? Why do we even watch if we know the outcome two hours before it airs?

Niriha Datta Will never complain about Tyra Banks again: she gave the golden buzzer to the most deserving act! They were arguably one of the very best performers in AGT's history.

Christina Gaudreau THAT WAS NUTS!!! Kids flying everywhere! How'd that girl keep herself so stiff?!? I generally don't like dance troupes, but this was crazy good.

Leslie Gorde Howerton That was absolutely amazing, I didn't know where to look there were so much action going on. I loved tonight's show and I can't wait to see what talent will be coming next 

Brabazon Lisa I'm speechless by this performance, I don't care where they are from, they are a team , full of mesmerizing talent, who made your mouths drop in amazement , wonder, and excitement ..I will be following them

Jimbee Barrameda This dance number you can see in the Philippines dance contest in every cities dance contest … fly every small kids in the air. Most of the group the kids bring the center of attractions for a breathtaking performance. Congratulations this show was great I hope they can do other stunts in live show.more power guys godbless

Ana Labrador Amazing. Best act i think i have seen on AGT thru out the years. Unbelievable. Golden buzzard well deserved. The leading guy can get my golden buzzard anytime too. love Zurcaroh Golden Buzzer

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