All Best Zeya Rae The Voice 2024 Performances

Chance and Reba both turned for William. Reba cried when William shared about the death of his grandfather. Zeya lost her job after her audition. Her single mother gave her “everything.” She was a one chair turn. Reba stresses that singers must hone in on their audience. She says when they look at each, they really need to connect. William felt he was pigeonholed as the “Indian kid” growing up. Reba is excited that both singers improved a lot by the end of rehearsals.

Watch Zeya Rae The Voice battle performance.

Their voices don’t always mesh perfectly, but the two have their moments on the stage. Interestingly, they are best when they face each other on stage. It’s like they give each other energy. Zeya has a really pretty head voice. She probably wins this. Or should.
Chance says if he had a steal, he would have used it. Say can’t believe William is only 16. He feels he could open up more vocally Dan felt the song was more on Zeya’s range. They would go with her. John felt he was trying to find his way around the melody, and did a good job. He would also pick Zeya. Agree that William could use more experience. Reba picks Zeya, William is eliminated.
Viewer reaction:
This was too short! I’m honestly getting tired of all these montages. It’s so annoying and makes the contestants look bad. From those few seconds, she has a wonderful tone that could take her all the way. I could see her having a Chloe Kohanski run because Zeya is a star. Her tone gives me Gihanna vibes. Great song choice too! blending so beautifully, He was wearing his heart on his sleeve while she was a little more stealthy. Her head voice was intense, hi has such a cry in his chest. This was cute, touching, entertaining. Enjoyed them both and love Zeya Rae The Voice performance.

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