Willie Spence American Idol 2021 Amazing Performances

Willie Spence American Idol Performances

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He touched my soul with this one!  He is so blessed Willie and we are blessed to be able to hear his god given talent on American Idol 2021

After Willie’s recap, he performs his dramatic new single. The production gives it a Bond song quality. It’s still soulful, but with a classic twist. It’s an interesting choice for him. Willie reprises “I Was Here” by Beyonce. The big dramatic key change comes, and it’s Willie doing his thing. Willie is so effortless, he is both laid back and intense at the same time. “What have we done?

I want to see this tour,” says Lionel on American Idol 2021 tonight . “You are a giant of a voice…and presence.” He notes how calm Willie is as he unleashes the beast. “You brought the chills back,” says Katy. “You have that connection to that next realm,” she says. “You are stepping into your power and walking into the light.” Luke mentions how he flips into “beast mode.”

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“John Legend you know he’s on The Voice.” says Finneas. “I know. But I like this show better,” says Willie. “God I hope they use that,” says Finneas. Heh. Finneas calls Willie very sweet, yet a powerful singer. He helps Willie pull out his softer side for parts of the song. Willie wants to show both sides in the song. “I’m going to do my homework,” he says. Willie delivers a powerful performance. “Glory” is the kind of song that’s meant to deliver a moment.

And it’s a perfect for delivering the slow build to a huge crescendo thing that typically marks Willie’s performances. “I’m so glad you took us to church,” says Katy. “It’s in God’s hands now! I don’t want to choose.” Luke says, “You’re literally going to save people’s lives with your voice.” The judges praise moves Willie to tears.

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