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Fiona outside: Something to warm you up on this snowy day

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Fiona & her mom Bibi are outside today ready to celebrate with fans. Thank you to everyone who voted! We’re proud to be among the winners of the Cincinnati CityBeat 2018 Best of Cincinnati© Reader's Poll.

Something to warm you up on this snowy day

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Fiona, don't bite off more than you can chew!

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Fiona the HIppo and Bibi

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Fiona fountain

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Viewers reacted:

Regina Wethington When I just look at pics of Fiona it seems like she's so big. Then you see her next to Mommy and realize she's got a ways to go LOL. It's been so fun watching her grow and love Aadorable Aardvark Baby Winsol Makes Public Debut

Jennifer Harber She sure has been salty here lately. Cabin fever must be getting to her. She needs fresh air, her big pool, and her adoring fans.

Ann Marie Lutz Cadreau Isn't it wonderful & amazing how one precious animal can bring so much joy, laughter, & smiles to so many people.

Joan Souder She looks so big when she is by herself.. but next to Momma you realize how small she still is.. lol 

Sherrie June Foxen Mason Such a little dickens. Just like a child,have to try anything.

Anita Roy Gordon she has so much personality! Little girl you better watch out or you are gonna make momma mad!

Shauna Perkins Harsley We Moms put up with a lot from our babies!!! It's called unconditional love 

Liz Prisk-Dulka Wow! She looks so big on her own but not next to momma, she still looks like a baby Fiona

—> More: Fiona the Hippo Weight Update Today

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