Whitney Reign Issues Audition The Four Season 2 S2E2

Whitney Reign Audition

Whitney Reign Issues Audition The Four Season 2 

She’s an R&B singer who has opened up for some pretty big acts in Chicago. The labels took notice.  She was signed to Def Jam. But eventually, she was dropped without releasing an album. THEN she found out she was pregnant. Her son has inspired to pursue her dreams even harder. Diddy tries to start a chant for her thigh high boots.Lame.  Whitney has attitude to spare and her singing is strong. She’s got some weird stage moves.That squatty thing she does. Hm. Meghan feels she’s a great entertainer. “I’m into it…so fierce.”Khaled loves the swag but wants her to go harder. Diddy thought the vocals were average. Meghan disagrees. The song choice didn’t show off her vocals. “DO YOU WANT THE SMOKE,” says Diddy. “THIS IS NOT THE ONE THIS IS THE TWO.” Yawn. I thought her vocals were OK. Meghan is right though, the song isn’t a vocal showcase. We hear the backstage chit chat. Meghan is all yes yes yes.The others not so much. But Meghan convinces them. Whitney gets 3 blue rings against chants of “let her through let her through.” THIS IS SO CONTRIVED. 

Whitney Reign – Man’s Man’s Man’s World – Oh now she’s proving to the panel that she indeed can sing. Which is a thing I’m sure they knew in the first place. Can you say manufactured drama? The audience really seems to be on her side. They were when Diddy and Khaled were dissing her.

Khaled blows his annoying air horn.

Meghan feels proven right about Whitney and is rooting for her. Khaled calls Stephanie “amazing” but Whitney touched his soul. Diddy calls Stephanie a natural performer. Diddy felt Whitney’s second song to his core. The audience votes! Whitney Reign wins the challenge! Stephanie Zelaya is eliminated. Stephanie thanks the audience before she WALKS HER PATH WITH PRIDE! Yeah!

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Viewers reactions:

Bridgette Miller Now if you're talking about performance…that she have ..

Amber Clarke She can't even sing hence why those high notes are dusted of with a few hip pops and crazy facial expressions 

Marvia Valentine I love her, that's what the show need fierce, positivity, hardwork, respect and pressure from performances that the contestants knew they have to bring it. She tun up, kickout like a penalty kick!

Nichole Self-Love Sorry..everybody sounds mediocre..I am sitting here turning up the volume because I dont think I'm hearing right at all..

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