White House Press Conference Youtube | Press Briefing Today March 9th

White House Press Conference Today March 9th

White House Press Conference Youtube

We're at The White House a Press Sec. Sarah Sanders holds a briefing following Pres. Donald J. Trump's tariffs announcement and agreement to meet for talks with North Korea.

Press Sec. Sanders on talks with North Korea: "The president will not have the meeting without seeing concrete steps and concrete actions take place by North Korea."

Viewers reacted to White House Press Conference Youtube today

Christian Barton Donald Trump could usher in the second coming of Christ and the same people that post these derogatory comments would still be gnashing their teeth and screaming that he is a traitor. When are you people going to give it up? His best quality is that he is not a career politician and he cannot be bought and sold by the globalist elite.

Wash Gomez I tell you you got to give credit where credit's good president Trump is doing it all there's no stopping this guy MAGA MAGA

Steve Day Why is she still there, watch White House Press Conference Youtube i think shouldn't she be fired already. She has no credibility, no one believes anything she says. She's a liar.

Paul Holland This whole thing is weird. Sanctions have been in place on North Korea for years. He just seemingly perfected a missile able to travel and has been working on nuclear weaponry. Touted this all over his TV and parades. Now, all of a sudden, is going to give in and show weakness to his people? I'm all happy if this is the case but it just seems strange and I wonder if Putin or someone had a hand in this for some alternative reasons…

Don Hair because we can trust North Korea to be truthful. This happened before, despite Trumps rhetoric, and it fell apart..and smarter people were working on the first ine.

Dorothy M. Tate I predict this will be a Epic Failure.all Kim has to do is flatter him make him think he is the greatest thing since Sliced Bread . and since the State Department the Military haven’t been in on anything And There is no Ambassador to South Korea who will probably be the one to host this. He is going to get played just as Jeff Sessions Played Him.you have to give it to Sessions he fixed it so he would not have to deal with Trump trying to get him to do what Jim Comey wouldn’t do and he Can’t Fire Sessions without all he’ll breaking loose..

Jennifer Paul Wait wait let me get this straight he wants to denuclearize everybody around the world but he wants to increase our nuclear Arsenal in the United States, am I am I getting ,, am I getting it right? If I was any other country including North Korea I would not denuclearized until everyone does. And that includes the United States of America. Because when one country has all the nukes what do you call that?

Ken Kellner She is equivalent to a bag of crap in a brown paper bag burning on someone's porch. The only improvement is the bags are biodegradable.

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