White House Press Conference Live Today March 12th

White House Press Conference Today March 12th

White House Press Conference Live Today

Press Sec. Sarah Sanders pushes back against suggestions school safety proposals amount to retreat for Pres. Donald J. Trump in face of NRA – National Rifle Association of America pressure, but tells Jonathan Karl the president "doesn't have the ability to just create federal law." 

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Viewers reacted to White House Press Conference Live Today

Bob Olson The libedal media only wants to attack the President. They don't care about youm the truth or anything else. That is dishonest and unethical

Richard Ridinger For crying out loud, CONGRESS makes the laws!!! CONGRESS makes the laws! How many times do we have to say it. 
Call your congressman that represents you!!

Randy McCoy Just like DACA, he says one thing when the cameras are rolling and another when he is with his buddies in the back room. SWAMP MONSTER.

Dan Tinkham Jonathan Karl, bring a commie coward as usual. Jon, really? You just wanted ANYTHING the NRA disagreed with, right?
Question: Jon, was there ANYTHING Obama did that you disagreed with?

Patty Duffy You have the right to remain stupid. But glancing at the constitution and the first amendment might help you see that Sarah is 100 percent correct.

Tomas Sias I am saying important things without answering your question, questions can answer things that are extremely important, look some questions are important and they have answers that stem from questions. When a question is answered it answers it and obviously the importance of the question factors into the answer. Look, questions are asked all the time and all are answered with importance. The importance of a question creates an answer and then answers a question. Next question!

Tommy Lee Daniels Eight months since Congress passed that bill mandating Trump to impose more sanctions on the Russians for interfering in the election, but he refuses. The traitors first job is to protect the gd, he can't even do that!!!

Donaldo Clarke Another band aid on a bleeding wound. Guns are bleeding America and politicians don't care because it is not their families that are in danger, it is the poor people who walk the streets everyday.


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