Fiona and Bibi Getting Some Indoor Hose Enrichment.

Fiona and Bibi at play.

Cincinnati Zoo 2018 Tour & Review 

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Viewer reactions:

Jodi Wiggins Fiona jumping up and making herself just as big as she can to block her mom! Love our funny, happy hippo princess

Olga Shaw That is really hilarious how much the enjoy that. When they open their mouths, they loom the same size

Candy Clayton Fiona still looks so small even at almost 1000 pounds next to Bibi

Paula Walter Each time I see them together i am amazed at how small Fiona can look next to Bibi.

Jacqueline Palma Fiona looks so big in pictures when she is alone but then still so small next to her mom!

Michele Tillapaugh Every time I think Fiona is growing so big, I see something like this to remind me how Little she still is.

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