What did the Oregon coach say about Colorado?

Do you know what did the Oregon coach say about Colorado?If the Buffalos were to go into Eugene and knock off the Oregon Ducks, the Colorado-USC game might have broken every viewership record imaginable.

Dan Lanning was going to make sure we didn’t get that opportunity.


The Ducks head coach gave a pregame speech to his team telling them to show the world that this isn’t Hollywood and that they’re fighting for wins, not clicks.

Viewers react to What did the Oregon coach say about Colorado?

Kristopher Hamblin:
Coach prime is going to give the half time speech of his life. Everyone will be inspired. His team will play like champions. They will go out and be gods. Colorado scores!!! Times up. Final score Oregon 62 Colorado 3

Almost purely a talent disparity. Can’t coach past that. I think it’ll take Prime a couple of classes to get to the next level. He has the excitement down. Good for Oregon…people watched a game of theirs this year! Congrats! They got whooped. Only 10 players from last season. Looking forward to seeing recruiting class rankings the next few seasons. Dion is flash, past prime been that way forever, I like him as a coach motiving kids..got to appreciate that . Love the storyline, cooked all day for it and but ultimately watched the inevitable. He’s still done incredible things even through these first few games. Great speech and got it done. Can’t wait to see how they react. The cute story is over. Don’t get me wrong, it was good for college football. But after today and next week….it’s over for this year.

Prime is only building his resume for the next step. There will be someone else come calling and he will be gone. Maybe Ohio State when they lose 3 this year and boot Ryan Day. Now that would be some combo. Prime in Columbus?

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