Wendy the Giraffe Gives Birth at Memphis Zoo

Wendy the Giraffe Gives Birth Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is home to more than 4,500 animals representing more than 500 different species.

Wendy gave birth Saturday about 10:40 A.m. ET at the Memphis Zoo  in Memphis, Tennessee

The zoo has not chosen a name for the calf yet,

Wendy the giraffe is in labor.

We are happy to announce that Wendy and her baby are doing well this morning. We’ll be making announcements and answering all of your questions as fast as we can

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 Name her Marlee , Pleeeeeeezeee my friend pasted away on March 1 her Birthday was March 2nd and she was going to the zoo for her Birthday and didnt make it… Name it Marlee Jones Barnhill after her

Is the other giraffe out there Angela Kate? Hard to tell on here. Been 5 years since I worked with them

Well yeah, the baby has to adjust from being in a womb to now in the open air. It has to get its composure. It will take a moment

Ever heard the saying, you walk like a giraffe on new legs? It's because someone is clumsy. That's a lot of top weight for those little legs

How many giraffe calves have been born at Memphis zoo and thank you for sharing this experience with us!! From New Orleans

I’m sure they are going to let Wendy do her mama thing and only step in if necessary.

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