We Three – So They Say – Lyrics – America’s Got Talent – Quarter Finals – 2018

Dad talks about how difficult it was to lose his wife. He says music is the kids outlet.  The original song’s refrain is “I’m still a believer.” This band had Christian Contemporary written all over it.  Howie says, “I think you transcended your story.” Their mom recently lost her battle with cancer. Mel B likes that they are original and write from their heart, “I kind of see you as a young current Dire Straits.” WHAT? No Mel. They’re kind of like Imagine Dragons. Hot AC Rock with vague spiritual overtones.  Heidi loves their medley. Simon didn’t like them this week. He didn’t think it was a step up. I agree that it wasn’t the best of their past two performances.

We Three: The Music Trio America FELL IN LOVE With

We Three – Lifeline (Lyric Video)

We Three: Sibling Band Perform Touching Original Called "Lifeline" 

We Three Music: Sibling Trio TEARFUL Tribute To Their Late Mom

Galway Girl (cover) We Three

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Viewer reactions:

Coleen Lysaker I can't wait to tell my grandchildren when I'm old and gray that you guys played at our wedding reception before you were rich and famous. I'm so proud that you're representing Oregon in this contest and that you're humble and proud.

Thelma Johns I like them and voted for them . They each play multiple instruments and would have liked to see an example of that with them playing or one of them with different instruments then the ones they've already played previously. I hope they get a chance to advance so they can show their talents again. What is their number for the phone so I can vote for them there as well.

Sarah Ashleigh Smith I can respect what they do but I just think of a Fourth of July party at the mall (or somewhere and something like that) where they have live music playing. But that's my opinion it doesn't mean they're bad but they sound generic.

Anna Kerr I love them, but it seems like you guys crammed most of the best acts into one episode tonight. I don't think they can compete with some of the acts that were on tonight.

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