We Three Audition: Heaven's Not Too Far Away | America's Got Talent

We Three sings original song “Lifeline” Sibling Band America’s Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 3

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We Three Audition

Family Band Performs Song Tribute For Mother With Cancer – America's Got Talent 2018

The brother sister singing trio from Oregon perform their moving original song, "Heaven's Not Too Far Away."

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Sibling Singing Trio – Their dad was in a band with their aunts and uncles. He quit to take care of his family. He words as a garbage man. Their mom recently lost a battle with cancer. Oh. Their audition song was an original about mom. They sing another origina about “dealing with your demon” called “Lifeline.” Their original songs are “inspirational” which is the thing that will propel them. Having said that, they do have talent. They all play instruments and deliver decent vocals. Mel loves “everything about you guys.” Martina loved the song’s first line. “So vulnerable and real.” Heidi loves them too, she calls them “humble and down to earth.” Howie calls them “beautiful.” Simon says, “You need nothing from us except a platform.” 

We Three Family Band with MOM song Had Judges Cry This is the full performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions or AGT Season 13 Episode 

We Three Music: Sibling Trio TEARFUL Tribute To Their Late Mom

Viewers reacted to We Three Audition

Kristy Maness This hit home for me.  My mom is battling the same type of cancer that their mom had. My mom also has stage 4 Neuroendocrine cancer. (Carcinoid cancer.) She just had a major surgery a week and a half ago due to the cancer. 
Not many people have heard of this cancer, because it is sort of rare.
Great performance by We Three

Diana Garner Beautiful talent! I lost my Mom unexpectedly two years ago. I can only imagine what she would have said, if she could. I love this group. I hope they go far.

Selena Boyd Snapp This song was beautiful!!!!! Brought tears to my eyes and glow to my heart! I lost my dad day before Mother's Day 2015 to cancer! I miss him terribly! This song just spoke to my heart! I would so buy this on itunes

Cynthia L. Roberts-Hubbard They were awesome prefomers!!! A very touching song!!! It made me think of my Mom. I miss her so badly every day…

Ronica Gonzales  I was in tears lost my brother june 19 2017 and a month later lost my bf July 17 , 2017 what an emotional song, love We Three Audition

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