Watch Live Welcome Gabby Barret American Idol Home Now

Watch Live Welcome Gabby Barret American Idol Home Now

The 18-year-old from Pittsburgh has a one in three chance of being the next American Idol. Gabby  has a busy day Watch live Welcome Gabby Barrett

Người đăng: Anna Jo Noviello vào 15 Tháng 5 2018

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Gabby on car

Người đăng: Gabby Barrett vào 15 Tháng 5 2018

Gabby Barrett arrives at the Goodwill store in West Mifflin!!! Her dad is part of the Goodwill family and they are so excited!!!

Viewers reacted:

Norene Cinti  Wishing you luck that you are the next American Idol! Great voice!  My little 5yr old daughter loves watching you….Wishing you all the best from Hartland, NB, Canada

Shari Kinney  I cant wait to meet you in Napa Ca. I predict you win this whole thing. Wearing my new shirt today in support of you.. I just ordered another cd of yours on amazon. Super excited to get it..

 Cindy Falls  I have been with you from the start. I go up to strangers and troll them to watch and vote for Gabby Barrett!! Stay grounded and sign like s stat….Enjoy the ride ….welcome. bo

David Tucker · Look at you, your dreams are coming true! I’m so proud of you!! I wish I could have made it out there, but it was a short notice and I live in Kentucky. Make a trip out here to meet your fans and I’m the first one in line

Sonia Cole Love ya mom and i both wish we could be there with you but California is far far away but if you ever come to Bakersfield California we will be down in the front roll and meet and greet you got our vote on idol to the very end praying you win 

Gabby Barrett performance tonigjt

Người đăng: Gabby Barrett vào 15 Tháng 5 2018

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