Watch LIVE: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Nashville, TN 5/29/18 – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

Watch LIVE: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Nashville, TN 5/29/18

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018: RSBN's Liz Willis, Tera Broaddrick, Alyssa Ashe, Tom O'Neill, and Aaron Pangio will be on hand as President Donald J. Trump holds a rally at Nashville Municipal Auditorium at in Nashville, TN. Watch our all day live stream coverage beginning at 1:00 PM Central time.

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Viewers reacted:

Doris Vivian Capelluto Antoszyk  I will be on Fox listening! He never sleeps. He hasn't taken a vacation except to go to Fl. And even there he works. This man works 7 days a week. He's doing a great job in my opinion.

Patricia Ann Brown  ABC is making a big mistake canceling Roseanne there is other shows on ABC that should be canceled like Jimmy Kimmel for one the View for another and there is more, to many to name

Ann Pirie I am looking for the person who asked why The View was not cancelled. I was trying to Tweet ABC to ask the same thing. The View is without a doubt the most indignant piece of garbage ever to air.

Paige Farr · This man has more energy than guys half his age, so brave and unafraid to speak his mind. Truly a man of the people, and that's what we love about him! God Bless or POTUS!

Rebecca Hawkjimenez · I am so happy I love my president may God blessed our nation God bless my president in the name of Jesus Christ I pray amen

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