Walker Burroughs Sings Young Blood – American Idol Showcase Round 2019

Walker Burroughs Sings Young Bloodon American Idol Showcase Round 2019

American Idol 2019 returns tonight , the Top 40 travel to Hawaii to perform for the judges and a live audience in the Showcase Round.

This round is the most important because it will help the judges decide which of that 40 gets to stay as they are cutting the number in half.

Who will make the American Idol 2019 Top 20?

Walker Burroughs Sings Young Blood  on American Idol Showcase Round 2019 in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie for his performance tonight

Walker Burroughs sings "Youngblood" by 5 Seconds of Summer during the American Idol Top 40 Showcase round at the Disney Aulani resort and spa in Hawaii in front of Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.

Walker talks about his array of sun products. The redhead burns easy. His twin sister actually lives in Hawaii. Convenient. He performs a ballady version of the song behind an electric keyboard. He picks up the pace at the chorus. He’s got a bit of an 80’s vibe here. Luke says he has to work on his live skills. Walker felt it was his weakest performance. Other than a few pitch problems here and there, it’s decent. I liked the arrangement. “It’s going to be very hard for us NOT to see you in our Top 20,” says Walker. Walker Burrows is in the Top 20

Walker Burroughs sings "Whereabouts" by Stevie Wonder, and Nate Walker sings "I Believe In You And Me" by Whitney Houston in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie at Hollywood Week.

Walker Burroughs Surprises Lionel Richie by Singing "Hello"

Written and recorded by Walker Burroughs, The Moon Song was released in June 2018.  

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