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American Idol 2019 Top 14: Walker Burroughs Sings Climb Every Mountain Tonight

Walker Burroughs Climb Every Mountain

American idol Season 17 Top 14 starts tonight with 14 contestants. Who is  your favorite contestants

So How Do I Vote for Walker ?

There are 3 simple steps to follow to secure your entry:

1. Download the American Idol app by visiting: 

– App Store: Download Now

– Google Play: Download

Register your account on the app so you are ready to cast your VOTE for Evelyn this week!

Once you have completed all 3 steps, your entry is secure! Drawing for the winner will be Monday during the show!

For text message voting

3. Walker Burroughs: text "14" to 21523

Walker Burroughs Sings Climb Every Mountain from Sound of Music during the American Idol season 17 top 14 in front of a live audience and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie tonight

Walker misses his friends and family back home. He tears up thinking about them. Natty in a bow tie. It’s an interesting arrangement. He’s got some pitchy moments, though. This song is too big for him, I think. He should have scaled the arrangement WAY WAY back. Maybe an acoustic version behind a piano would have worked. This performance had it’s moments, but it was uneven. Luke calls the performance, “interesting.” I’ll agree with that. ” Lionel says, “You have grown so much.” Lionel repeats himself, A LOT. “There were notes that we never heard from you,” says Katy. “This is your purpose.” 

Voting begins at 8pm Sunday and ends 9am Monday!! That gives you lots of time to vote

I love his voice. He had such great chemistry . I think Walker just let himself be himself and it paid off. The performance vibe, the sick harmonies, and that chill rhythm…I felt the music in my heart.  Vocally, no errors. At no point did I feel like walker was overpowered or just an extra too the song. He held his own. Just a pure and clean some that was just a perfect start to the night.

Hes very underrated. His voice is so perfect and SMOOTH. He sounds like hes coming straight out of a radio. He has NATURAL talent and doesnt need autotune.

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