Mystic Death Trap Metal.| Vokillz American Idol Audition 2019 Performance

Vokillz Sings Mystic Death Trap Metal –  American Idol 2019

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Vokillz American Idol

American Idol 2019 premieres return tonight on ACB

Vokillz , Hailing from Buffalo, New York, 24 year old joke contestant Vokillz insists he invented a new genre called “Mystic Death Trap Metal| American Idol audition in front of Judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perr

It’s basically a variation of screamo. Katy is so alarmed she yells “Satan I rebuke you!” That fundy upbringing sure comes in handy, sometimes.

Vokillz sings Mystic Death Trap Metal

The joke here is how Vokie is just an all around nice guy (we see him bonding with a mom in the holding room) who happens to sing as if he were possessed by the devil. Har-dee-har-har. Vokillz insists he’s “not a serial killer or anything. He just happened to invent a new genre called “Mystic Death Trap Metal.”

Vokillz enters the room in a black mask and insists Katy take a black bag he’s holding. “I REBUKE YOU SATAN!” Katie yells. That fundy upbringing comes in handy. Inside the bag–a necklace. Katie was expecting a dead rat. Katy hides under her desk as he screams through his performance. Lionel joins her. Luke was into it. This is performance is actually pretty tame. Lionel thinks American Idol isn’t his lane. – Lionel says NO Katy says YES but Luke, who seemed to be enjoying himself says NO.

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The popular singing competition came to Buffalo's Canalside for an open audition for the next season of American Idol.

VoKillz x The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon x Ryan Seacrest

VoKillz x Steve-O 

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