Voices of Hope Children’s Choir “Defying Gravity” AWESOME Semifinals 1 America’s Got Talent 2018 AGT

Voices of Hope Children's Choir Semifinals

Their voices brought us tears of joy

The director has no children, so the kids in the choir are sort of a substitute. They sing “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway musical Wicked. The solo voices seem a little nervous tonight. Oh. They third solo is a belter! Honestly, it’s like being back in high school! I was a choir kid myself. No dis. But is this a Las Vegas worthy act. UH NOPE. Simon and his choir obsession. I do not get it. LOL. Simon is the only judge on his feet. Howie admires their aspirational vibe. “I thought it was wicked,” says Heidi. Har. “You’re like my happy place.” Mel B felt the timing in the beginning was off. Simon boos her. “None of this matters! This is exactly the kind of act I like to see doing well,” says Simon. He then begs America to vote them. He cray.

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Viewer reactions:

Soma Cruz Hey just sounds like a grade school assembly nothing worthy of a million bucks that’s for sure

Tonya Lafontaine I love these kids SO much! They remind us that there is goodness in this world. They are HOPE for the future. 

Diane Salcedo So amazing to be able to coordinate a group of children of such a wide variety of ages to sing so well. Amazingly happy they are on the show to warm people's hearts and share positive messages.

Erika Duran This is the most amazing group of talented kids!! Each and every one of them has worked so hard and poured their hearts into this!! Their voices bring so much hope and joy to all that listen.

Sharon Chipres They have so much heart and they have poured everything into this!! You all inspire me!! Love you so much

Jane Phelps They are very good, but not a Vegas act.
I think they would fit in at DisneyWorld

Andrea LeBel I like One Voice Children's Choir better! This group is good but One Voice in my opinion is better.

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