America's Got Talent 2018 Voices of Hope Children's Choir Audition

Voices Of Hope Children’s Choir: Moana Performance Earns Golden Buzzer

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Voices of Hope Children's Choir Audition

Voices of Hope Children's Choir slay their rendition of 'This Is Me.' Catch the seventy kids from Orange County touch hearts with their beautiful voices.

We’ve already got a choir moving on to the semifinals. We don’t need another. It’s yet ANOTHER song from the Greatest Showman, “A Million Dreams.”  Cute kids galore. So sweet I need to brush my teeth stat.Mel B says they sound amazing, but she didn’t like the song choice.” Simon buzzes her for that. “I could not disagree more,” he says, “Absolutely perfect choice.” He insists, “I want them in the show all the way to the end. He calls them bottled happiness. Heidi compliments the solo voices. “Children are our future,” says Howie, a little tongue in cheek. 

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They are 70 kids from Orange county who sing. Their director is a woman who thinks of her charges as her “non-biological kids.” The chillrun are SOOOO EXCITED.If they win, they’ll put the million dollars back into the program. WOW THE SONG PICK IS SO ORIGINAL. “This is Me.” We’re destined to hear this song over and over and over again on singing shows, aren’t we? Sigh. Well. Kiddos. Good for them. All heartwarming and everything. Heidi “adores” them. She prefers children’s choirs to adults. She compliments the solo voices. Mel B warns them to up their game. Oooh. Howie is dissing the kiddos “I don’t know if it’s for me.” Simon loves the kid choirs. Howie says no. The rest say yes – 1 no 3 yeses

Children’s Choir – The director once pursued a solo singing career. After so many nos, she decided to begin a children’s choir. She found her calling in life. This time, they sing “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. The director promises this song is well-rehearsed. Aw. So perfectly innocent.The audience loves it. Mel says the performance made her emotional. “Good job guys.” Heidi liked the lead vocalists. Simon calls them the most improved act. He compliments their “unbelievable energy.” Oh. KEN HITS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Tears all around. 

Voices Of Hope Children's Choir: Moana Performance Earns Golden Buzzer 

Guest judge Ken Jeong was so inspired by this choir's performance that he gave them his golden buzzer! Watch this children choir's amazing rendition of "How Far I'll Go"

Viewers reacted:

Kelly Really great way to start off the show. The one girl who was doing the solo was fantastic. Howie’s going back to his old ways when he said no to the One Voice Children’s Choir because they “weren’t a diamond”. These guys definitely deserved to make Judge Cuts.

Christopher Gilmore Have to agree with howie….maybe if the three soloist came out together…but not 70+ kids…they are very talented but just too many people on stage

Ellen LaVoun True not for this show but they were great . The expressions on their faces when they made it through was what it was about for me 

Hannah Marie Smela Would love to hear them do “Africa” by Toto. That is an amazing Choir song 


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