Voices of Hope Children’s Choir Performances – AGT 2018

Tonight is THE NIGHT!! Please tune in to America's Got Talent and VOTE for us!! You can use any or all of these methods. Vote up to 10 times from each email address and each phone number! We hope you enjoy tonight’s performance. Thank you for all your support

Guest judge Ken Jeong was so inspired by this choir's performance that he gave them his golden buzzer! Watch this children choir's amazing rendition of "How Far I'll Go" 

'This Is Me' The Greatest Showman Cover by Voices of Hope Children's Choir 

We’ve already got a choir moving on to the semifinals. We don’t need another. It’s yet ANOTHER song from the Greatest Showman, “A Million Dreams.”  Cute kids galore. So sweet I need to brush my teeth stat.Mel B says they sound amazing, but she didn’t like the song choice.” Simon buzzes her for that. “I could not disagree more,” he says, “Absolutely perfect choice.” He insists, “I want them in the show all the way to the end. He calls them bottled happiness. Heidi compliments the solo voices. “Children are our future,” says Howie, a little tongue in cheek. 

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Viewer reactions:

Jennifer Bair Beierle I have no idea who these people are. do not recall them from auditions. assuming many of hte best acts got picked up already by talent agencies and now some of the second-tier acts are being shown instead.

Kimberly Klaus I don't think they will win, but they're good enough that they'll get opportunities to tour and share their talent. Because that's really what this show is about-for acts to be noticed. Runners-up to this show go on to have successful acts/careers as well-and some winners you never hear from again, like Kevin Skinner or the car wash guy who sang Sinatra. (If either of them ARE still performing, please set me straight because I really liked both of them when they were competing on the show).

Nora Taylor Love you all you've got my vote Your the best choir on the stage ever. GOOD LUCK AND ROCK ON Your soooooooooooo good talented and wise love the harmony sings from the heart and make people happy when you sing.

Lisa Britt So excited to see Voices of Hope perform again. Love to watch these talented kids

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