The Voice Season 14 Knockout D.R. King vs Trish Hayes King

The Voice Season 14 Knockout D.R. King vs Trish Hayes King

The Voice season 14 Knockouts conclude on Monday (April 9) ahead of the LIVE Playoffs, which begin the following week on April 16. The Top 24 contestants will be singing for your votes during a 3 night event to determine the Top 12.

If I were choosing the winner, I’d go with D.R who truly puts his own spin on a 60’s classic. What do you think? Watch it here.

You haven't seen anything yet!

Coach Kelly Clarkson will have a tough choice when D.R. King performs Motown classic "(I Know) I'm Losing You" in a knockout against powerhouse Tish Haynes Keys and her rendition of "Lady Marmalade."

Viewers reacted to The Voice Season 14 Knockout D.R. King vs Trish Hayes King

Michele Minor She doesn't have anything on Christiana Danielle, who has better control over her voice and prettier vibrato. Glad other people like this but it's not my taste at all. Patti Labelle does this song best.

Alejandra Zepeda Sorry Adam for letting her go ! I Love Alicia but i think that Kelly has this season

Melanie Maier I much preferred DR- loved the song choice. Fish has a great voice but I don’t think she is as good as Kyla. Their styles are too similar for both Tish and Kyla to succeed in the live shows

Robin Ann Seeley-Pozefsky Hate the screaming instead of singing..but at least you could understand what she was singing..have no clue of the guy and what he was singing

Jillian Balcazar I'm not too sure yet But In My own opinion I think Tish won This knockout rounds Because, She sounded like Very Entertainment When She Is going to sing ''Lady Marmalade'' By LaBelle during This weeks Knockout episode coming up though sorry I don't think DR.

King did His song Justice though. Because, It sounded too Heavy Mental When He Is going to sing ''I'm Loosing You'' By Temptations This week coming up But at the same time I hope His coach Kelly or One of the other coaches saved him from Eliminated. Because, I think He deserves to get a second chance to go to The live shows. Because, He does have a good voice though But needs a better song choice for him!

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