America's Got Talent 2018 Vivien Vajda Audition Performance

Vivien Vajda Jump Rope Acrobat INCREDIBLE America’s Got Talent 2018 Audition AGT

Vivien Vajda Jump Rope Acrobat INCREDIBLE.This is the Full segment or full performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions or AGT Season 13 Episode 5

Born in Hungary, she wants to show the world her passion for jump roping. She jumps, flips and tumbles, all while jump roping. She sure knows how to wield that thing. She can sit on her butt and “jump” rope. Mel gives her a standing ovation. “That was brilliant! She says. THose tricks you were doing were so complicated.” Heidi agrees. She’d like to see it with fire. Simon? DOGS. He mentions that he loves the variety of AGT (Singers only…BORING he says). Vivian cries as she shares about being bullied when she was young. – 4 yeses

Vivien powers through her injury to chase her dreams and perform on America's biggest stage

Viewers reactions:

Jamie Warner Extremely talented !!! Wow  I can't see her making it into the top 30. ( She's awesome but the producers have their choice and they will likely phase her out unforchantly) Very deserving of a top 20 even but I've seen this show enough to see the kinda acts they push in and leave out.

Nik Hoover Just when you think you've seen it all using a jump rope, someone proves you wrong! Those tricks were awesome!

Natasha TN Can't even watch it here in Chicago, local news interrupt it for tornado warning which is in the suburbs.

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