Vicki Barbolak America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Performance

In her clip, Vicki thanks all of her “friends” in the “trailer park.” There’s crying. She enters stage on a pink golf cart to the strains of “Fat Bottomed Girls.”  She thought the finals would be a swimsuit competition. Then she rips off her robe to reveal…a swimsuit. Then she brags about her grandson. Who is the top of his class. He’s homeschooled. Yuck Yuck Yuck. Then she says her father played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. What? This is bad. She wants to open up “woodpeckers” for women (like Hooters!). “Peckers” for short. Ok, the only funny joke tonight. Heidi loves “everything about you.” and also, “there’s nothing I love more than a great big German sausage.” Simon claims he doesn’t know what Hooters is. Hm. Simon calls her “brilliant.” And it sounds like he want to do a reality show with her. Hm. Mel calls her a “naughty girl.” 

So this “Trailer Nasty” shtick has become a thing. Unfortunately. Her video clip featured a few AGT rejects, which is nice. Jokes about lecherous Italian men. Because you know, Italian men are lecherous.  Hm. Vicki is bombing a little. The routine picks up some steam by the end.She directs a wino joke at Mel. Vicki doesn’t read the news. Or maybe she does. Alcohol jokes are lame. Mel says she brings “an instant smile to me face.” Howie calls her a “true comedian.” He tells her to “clear your calendar for the final.”  Heidi is babbling about…something. “I have a crush on you,” says Simon. He wants to take her for a “grand slam at Dinnys? Dennys?” 

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