America's Got Talent 2018 Us the Duo Semifinals Performance Video

America’s Got Talent 2018 Us the Duo Semifinals Performance

Good lawd. They’re reciting poetry to each other. Against one of their sugar sweet songs, we see the journey of their relationship. I’m too cyncial for this! This song is about being broke-ass but still in loooove. I mean. Sonny and Cher did this 50 years ago. “I’m Still Broke,” appears to be the name of the song. SO MUCH WHIMSEY. Whimsey overload. Simon call them nice and sweet. He compares the song to an “egg commercial.”  He calls it “background noise.”BURN. Heidi agrees. Ohh. They throwing them under the bus. Howie is wondering if a song about paying bills rise to the occastion. Mel B appreciates their unique sound. “I hope America votes for you,” Mel says. Howie snarks “Right now Mel has the most bills to pay.” Eep!

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