Update on April the Giraffe 2019 : April is PUSHING CLOSE TO GIVE BIRTH

March 11th EVENING Update April the Giraffe

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Giraffe Watch 2019 has begun!

March 11th EVENING Update:

"Ah, push it, p-push it real good" – Salt N Pepa

Repeat after me, p-push it real good!

This afternoon, teams assembled at the park based on Giraffe Cam & Keeper observations of what appeared to be contractions, with "pushing". Every few minutes, April would extend her tail and her back end would bulge an additional couple inches away from the body due to pressure. This was observed repeatedly, along with discharge – prompting cleaning, bedding, and preparedness. Lo and behold, April was being April. 

april push

Her udders are full. Back end in full swell. Discharge is being observed. Nothing left to do but PUSH!

In the spirit of wanting to "assist" April with advancing, Dr Tim has returned to tried and true induction science – Candy & Pickles! 

He says close, I say Imminent. 
Tomato – Tomata!

In truth, April is well. The pregnancy is predictably unpredictable, and we turn out the lights another night to see what the evening and morning hours bring. 

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