UDI Dance AGT 2018 All Performance Audition Live Update

UDI Dance: Illumination Dance Group Takes On Good Vs Evil Battle


The group UDI Dance just can't stop stunning audiences on America's Got Talent. This week, in the first round of competition, the glow-in-the-dark Siberian dance troupe illuminated the stage with its unique visual depiction of the push and pull between good and evil in the modern age.

UDI Dance: Illumination Dance Group Takes On Good Vs Evil Battle 

Projection Team – They’re from Siberia! They met at a “school for poor children” Dance gave them something to dream about. They also run a dance school for poor kids like themselves. It’s fun with black lights and movement. The storytelling is pretty clever, and the effects impressive. “You just blow my mind every time I see you,” says Mel. Martina calls them creative and powerful. “I thought it was terrific,” says Simon. 

UDI Blacklight Group AMAZING VISUALS QUARTERFINALS 3 America's Got Talent 2018 AGT

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Viewers react to UDI Dance AGT

Linda Nezbeda So they did this exact act on the UK Got Talent last season, and judges say haven’t seen this before, umm Simon you were there

Michelle Restel McPleasant Umm fighting gravity was on the show years ago. Which was the same thing. They made it to the finals

Lisa Toney It just goes to show that the Holy Spirit power is a great force it is the power that raised Christ from the dead and the enemy is defeated. JESUS defeated death Hallelujah

Rustin Osburn They need to stop putting people through with the golden buzzer that have sad stories and all these singers agt is starting to be like the voice

Joyce Kysor Thank you America's Got Talent! Apparently, I'm one of few who appreciate the talent that AGT showcases

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