American Idol 2019 Top 14 Uché Ndubizu SINGS Finesse by Bruno Mars

American Idol 2019 Top 14: Uché Ndubizu SINGS Finesse by Bruno Mars

Uché Ndubizu Finesse

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Uché Ndubizu SINGS Finesse by Bruno Mars  during the  American Idol 2019 Top 14 performance in front of a live audience and judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.

 Lionel changing his vote after Uche’s audition set a fire under him. He move to the US from Nigeria, and he was an outcast in school. He realizes he’s not the best singer in the competition, but he’ll “leave everything on stage.” Uche goes all out with the hip rolls and sexy moves.

He’s got stage moves, but he’s not overdoing it. Until a break, where he throws in some fancy stuff. This is the perfect balance of dancing and vocals. For once, he wasn’t out of breath at the end. Finally, some control from Uche. Katy faints on the table, while Luke does CPR. “Are we allowed to show that performance on television?” ask Katy. “You’ve come so far, it’s miraculous.” Luke compares it to opening an awards show. “You are wonderful,” shouts Lionel. “You are the show stopper!”

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He has more talent in his toe than half the contestants on this show. But he has to work extra hard just to prove that to America!!! Sad!! He has natural energy, vocal placement and all around talent! 

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 Uche is a good energetic performer. Been my favorite to watch. And he can sing…he will preform regardless of IDOL I think. Wasn't my favorite and those pants not fitting right he couldn't keep his crotch right I think, agreed distracting.

Uche & Shaggy Perform "I Need Your Love"

Viewer react to Uché Ndubizu Finesse performance

Paula Riha Rohach Best American Idol season for a while and I’m an avid fan!! Team Uche!! Omg! He brings so much energy and entertainment I can’t wait to buy a ticket!!! Got my black fur vest ready to rock

Joe Shimfessel Not necessarily a fan, but he is a FANTASTIC performer. He only has to be an ok singer and he will do just fine.

Kim Callahan Wow he is amazing! regardless if he wins American idol or not he's getting a music contract somewhere and I would definitely buy his music. Wow so much talent !!! Go Uche 

Madison Hailey What the heck did I just watch? I thought this was American idol….not dancing with the stars….all for going all out for a performance but I feel like he lost touch of why he’s really there…SINGING

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