American Idol 2019 Top 14: Uché Ndubizu SINGS “Diamonds”

Uché Ndubizu Diamonds

Uché advances top 10 , He saved by Lionel

 Uche looks absolutely crestfallen. Poor it into your performance, brother! This vocal is weird. His phrasing is so odd. But on the other hand, Uche is so entertaining. I can’t imagine this competition without him.

WE NEED HIS DIVA GOODNESS. Uche admits that he’s “kind of sad.” Ryan gives him a hug. Luke can’t understand why America doesn’t feel Uche’s electricity. Katy liked that he showed more vocals tonight. What does Lionel think? He takes the stage to give Uche another hug. The audience are on their feet! AW UCHE IS CRYING. “You are a performer! A lot of people can sing. THIS Is an entertainer!”


 Lionel changing his vote after Uche’s audition set a fire under him. He move to the US from Nigeria, and he was an outcast in school. He realizes he’s not the best singer in the competition, but he’ll “leave everything on stage.” Uche goes all out with the hip rolls and sexy moves. He’s got stage moves, but he’s not overdoing it.

Until a break, where he throws in some fancy stuff. This is the perfect balance of dancing and vocals. For once, he wasn’t out of breath at the end. Finally, some control from Uche. Katy faints on the table, while Luke does CPR. “Are we allowed to show that performance on television?” ask Katy. “You’ve come so far, it’s miraculous.” Luke compares it to opening an awards show. “You are wonderful,” shouts Lionel. “You are the show stopper!”


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