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Two Cats Adopted A 3-Legged Puppy Whose Mom Tried To Eat Him

Nicolas the puppy was over a week old when his mom ate 3 of his siblings and chew off one of his paws. Nicolas is the smallest of a litter of 8 pitbulls.

Luckily, Nicolas was taken away from his insane mother and ended up in good hands. Being so tiny and lack of caring, Nicolas was facing a lot of injuries. After days of 24/7 care and some special helps of the cats from the host family, Nicolas had a chance to recover and turned into a lovely fur ball.

Nicolas when he was taken in.

Nicholas mum ate three of his siblings and was in the process of eating him when someone rescued him.

Unfortunately, she got to chew his paw off, so he didn’t have a good prognosis.

Luckily he was given a lot of caring so that he had a chance to recover.

The cats adopted him as their own.

“I fed him every 3 hours and changed his bandage everyday”


The cats also gave their new tiny friend some affection and caring.

Nicolas is now grown and became a handsome guy.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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