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Tucker Carlson Fox News March 9,2018

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Tucker Carlson Tonight Youtube

This is how the left has begun to think: if you believe accused murderers who shouldn't be here in the first place ought to go back to their own countries, you're the one who's out of line. If you believe in borders, you're a monster. Attorney General Jeff Sessions weighs in on the immigration showdown.

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Juanita Fullmer Beginning not to like this show. Having people like that women you had on tonight and listening to you buy into that crap. Lock people up for thoughts only men not women. She’s a nut case and Fox is having her on like she’s some kind of expert. I willing to listen to others that are sensible but crap is crap.

Chris Cherry It's about lawlessness, lawlessness is not an "ideology " Mr. Attorneys General, it's lawlessness. Being the country's top prosecutor, it's inexcusable that you tell us that you have people from ICE looking into it. You're the prosecution, prosecute.

Randall Hicks We do nothing but talk in circles and nothing will be done. From Russia to the FISA court corruption and voter fraud and yet a head to roll. Trumo.gave up a wealthy lifestyle for our country, Obama and the Clintons gave up our country for they're wealthy lifestyles… tired of talk

Brenda Lachance Lately I am seeing more and more of filtered comment from face book on certain topics, especially when it come to conservative or Republicans, if it has any truth to it, it is gone, but they show all comments on Hollywood liberal democrat, fb says they put the ones with the most likes, yet it's only showing 1, lol and love to watch Tucker Carlson Tonight Youtube everyday

Julie Allen Denver needs to vote out all these worthless Dems and get Colorado back to what it use to be. Don’t let them turn it into another gross California

Carol Thomas Mattson Jeff Sessions needs to do his job, the job American taxpayers are paying him to do. Lip service doesn't cut it. Always says his office is looking into this and that! He knows as do any clear minded person the Oakland Mayor should be locked up.

Kimberly Casler Liberalism is a mental disease. The absurdity of that woMAN at the end of the show advocating for men to be jailed for sexist comments!? Women are exempt from being sexist of course She also finds mailman, Policeman offensive.Wow. Just Wow. She certainly doesn't speak for me or any woman I Know

Cheryl Calkins I watched your "discussion" with Kathy, the insane liberal, tonight. Could she be any more stupid or gullible?? I cannot imagine a country where people like her have any say in anything. She's just plain crazy.

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