Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/6/2018: Unelected Officials Trying to take Control

Tucker Carlson Tonight  September 6, 2018 

"When an executive branch employee subverts the president, he is subverting the will of voters and therefore, the Constitution."

Rep. Trey Gowdy on Dems' behavior at Kavanaugh hearings

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Viewer reactions:

Billy Guthrie The DNC are a socialist Oligarchy! they think they determine everything form the definition of words to what's moral and whats not! you name it they try to control it!

Mary Lou Quiroz Remember the new York times had that reporter that they were just going on and on about and it turned out everything he wrote was a lie and even when the NYT found out they were very slow to act on his removal until the pressure was applied. This makes me wonder if there is even any secret person or its just something the NYT made up from scratch.

James M Moses Nowhere in our constitution does it say we are a democracy it says we are a republic please reread the Constitution Tucker Carlson

Charles Griffin treasonous acts by government officials, but without honest FBI or DOJ,there's the breakdown, bought and directed by elite Cartels, Clinton, Ovomit and Bush…all liars and deliberately misled this public

William Shaw It's obvious with no reliable, identifiable source we have to presume it was an inside job at the NYT. Which seems to be the standard operational procedure in most of the media.


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