Tucker Carlson Tonight September 5, 2018

"Trump's attempts to do what he promised to do on the campaign are not a travesty, they are a sign the system is working as designed."

Is Republican lawyer Cleta Mitchell the target of a political smear campaign? Mitchell shares her thoughts on the Russia investigation on 'The Story.'

Mitch McConnell on 'resistance' op-ed, Kavanaugh hearings

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Viewers reactions:

Mimi Spencer Christensen It s about time we citizens are recognized for being the ones who VOTED for this man to be the President of the USA, If those who hate need to hate hate us — we are the ones who put him in office.

Melody Gabriel The Left has become so unhinged that nothing coming out of their mouths makes any sense. It's all about hate…..hatred that their girl lost and their agenda was brought to a screeching halt. Another industry will soon be booming……..the psychiatrist's couch!

Dean Pierce Question Why is it that (“Fox News Classified a Satire by FCC”) positing that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had reclassified Fox News “from a valid news source to that of satire” when all the valid news is now fake

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