Tucker Carlson Railroads ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Michael Avenatti in Trainwreck Fox News Interview

Michael Avenatti has to be regretting going on Tucker Carlson’s show right now.

On Wednesday, Michael Avenatti went on The View and called Fox News’ Tucker Carlson a “pig” who shouldn’t be disparaging women like his client Stormy Daniels. That night, Carlson dedicated an entire segment of his show to the man he likes to call the “creepy porn lawyer.”
Tonight, they met face to face on Fox News. It was worse than you’re imagining.

“We could sit here and hurl insults at each other,” Carlson began, before saying he wanted to take Avenatti “seriously.” In that same moment, the chyron below them changed to read “CREEPY PORN LAWYER TOYING WITH 2020 RUN.” Some version of that moniker remained on screen for the rest of their nearly 13-minute interview.

Grab it : Here

Viewer reactions:

Mark Valenti The one thing about the Trump Presidency that I am truly grateful for is exposing these people for what they are.

Even though I disagreed with a lot of what Tucker and Hannity (and others) had to say, I still found them entertaining and occasionally, informative.

Now, just hearing their voices makes me sick.

Orlando Pantoja Someone should tell Tucker Carlson that if you're going to match wits with someone, you need wits.

Adrian Cabrera He knows Avenatti is smart and wasn’t gonna let him get away w his usual bullshit so he knew the only angle he had was to make her out to be some exploited victim of his and of course still do exactly what he said he wasn’t going to do which was name-call and interrupt like a child.

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