Tucker Carlson Tonight Podcast 4/14/21 : 'shut up and obey'

Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/14/21

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ceremonially swears in Rep. Julia Letlow alongside her two children on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Letlow will be joining the House in the seat originally won by her husband, Luke Letlow, who died in September from COVID-19 before he was supposed to be sworn in.

Tucker Carlson Tonight Podcast 4/14/21

“We will lose our respect for [the Supreme Court] as nothing more than a political legislative body.” On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday, Judge Jeanine Pirro said it is “lunacy” to try and pack the Supreme Court.

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Viewer react to Tucker Carlson Tonight Podcast

Thomas Paine
Carlson needs to get what any fascist conspirator, traitor deserves. Fox News is foreign media whose primary objective is make millions dividing and takin American down. They do it by fear pedaling and identifying AMERICAN HATE TARGETS. Fox doesn’t identify foreign enemies, FOX IDENTIFYS AMERICAN ENEMIES that they hope you will HATE. If you consider yourself a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN then you can’t hate your fellow Americans. That is the simple of it. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Fox News wants us to fall. FOX NEWS IS RECRUITING DOMESTIC TERRORIST 24/7. Think about that. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Richard Savino
These Democrats must be stopped. They are trying to take over all branches of government. We must stop them before they do anymore damage to our Nation

Jeff Mcdaniel
Democrats lied to people saying Trump was packing the court by appointing judges, but Trump never tried adding seats to the court he just filled seats that was open, that is not packing the court, but what Biden is doing now is court packing, joe Biden wants 15 judges to sit on the supreme court that’s adding 6 new seats, it all ready takes the court to hear a case ,just think how long it would take with 15,and Biden will pick the most crazy un constitutional judge he can find that will vote for horrific things

Peggy Peterson Van Berkem
It is Republicans who packed the Supreme Court. Specifically, Mitch McConnell. In the last 8 presidential elections, a Republican has only won the popular vote once, Bush in 2004. The people do not want a Republican president. And yet, we have 6 Republicans on the Supreme Court because of the Electoral College which twice this century has overruled the will of the voters and chosen a president who did not win the popular vote.
One justice is because Obama had 11 months to go in his administration when Scalia died, yet Republicans wouldn’t even give Merrick Garland a hearing, even though he had been recommended by Republicans in the past as someone they could get behind. So Trump was able to nominate a justice that should have gone to Obama.
Then when RBG died during the time period of early voting in the 2020 election, Mitch McConnell, the one who had blocked Garland for 11 months, pushed through Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation 1 week before election day. And Republicans wonder why Democrats are talking about adding justices. I really love  Tucker Carlson Tonight Podcast

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