Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 26, 2020 -

Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 26, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday claimed that Democrats “won the day” in obtaining what they wanted from the Senate’s $2.2 trillion coronavirus response stimulus package, while hinting at other items she would like to see included in a forthcoming bill.

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This really is making sure that American families have the financial tools to follow the medical guidance to stay home to protect themselves, without having to put their livelihoods or the lives of their families, at risk.

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Janey Benedict This is a terrible bill! There shouldn’t be one thing that isn’t directly associated with the COVID 19 response in this bill but yet look at all of the crap they crammed in for our children & grandchildren to have to pay!You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Don’t sign this disaster President Trump!

Darcel Kashdan Weldon I have a Question: we send aid, people, supplies, money, etc, to every Country in the world when they are in crisis. We have been hit hard here due to our numbers of citizens, especially places like NY where I live. What Countries have helped us!? This is our time of need. Israel sent medicine. Can someone name me any Country that has helped us in any way!?

Sandra Ellis Three weeks. Very state has all the supplies and equipment they need now. We have supplied all those states with what they should have been prepared for.
It’s time to open up for business, and let the hospital treat the sick, and let the people take care of their own illnesses. Just like, FOREVER.

Martin Manchev Many on the Left have good intentions of creating a world that works for all. But a fixation on bringing about change at any cost, shutting down debate and diversity of thought, holding others “prisoners of their thoughts,” being angry, advocating acts of violence, or even believing that Trump could not possibly do one thing good for America or for the world, will backfire in November.

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