Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 25, 2020 – US NEWS

Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 25, 2020

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin praised the Senate during Wednesday’s coronavirus task force briefing after reaching a late-night deal on the coronavirus stimulus package. Mnuchin will join Sean Hannity tonight at 9p ET to discuss what’s next for the relief bill.

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President Donald J. Trump issued a major disaster declaration for Texas on Wednesday amid concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus

Counsel to the President, Kellyanne Conway, weighs in on the Trump Administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold daily press briefing.


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Wendy Grecni So much going on and Florida governor not saying much other than no “stay at home” orders will be given. Texas gets disaster relief, great. They likely need it. What about Florida? We got people from NY, NJ and CT flocking here with orders to shelter in place upon arrival…will they? And a ship coming in to Ft. Lauderdale in a few days with sick people. Shut down airports and docks! Florida does not need more issues than our 1st responders, doctors and nurses can handle. Stay home! If one does what their local government says then one can be safe. Not being un-Christian, just sensible.

Suzan Batmankaya You can fix it economy , maybe takes years and years but at the end you can fix it .
But , You can’t take back human life . That’s why human life most important think in the world .
Most strongest economies made bye humans

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