Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 24, 2020 -

Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 24, 2020

On “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham urged caution to President Trump of restarting the economy by Easter, saying the goal is “to destroy the virus.”

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Senators deliver speeches on the Congressional response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the Senate floor.

Viewer reaction:

Julie Berry He’s a successful businessman, this is what you do – set milestones and proactively make plans to mitigate the risks of not achieving! If you hit the milestones, awesome. If not, you have at least already proactively planned for Plan A and Plan B, you adjust and keep strategizing. Speaking as a career project manager, he is my hero!

Charmell Petroff Owens The President wanted a chance to be the President again for another 4 years but when he’s on TV clearly ignoring the heart wrenching scene across the country with lives lost and medical personnel scrambling to save them and is gloating about the celebration of Easter and opening this country, he sealed his re-election, especially as the death toll climbs. My prayers to all of the families who’ve lost their loved ones. My heart is with all of you. I’m sorry our President didn’t even acknowledge your pain today.

Kiyomi Murayama America is not made to be “Shut down” for a long time! We want more positive news! People are getting panic. Democrats are taking advantage of this situation, and making it worse. We need money! We need to go back to work

Mary Gunny What’s so wrong with slowing reopening? We’ve got nothing but time to plan carefully and run scenarios. Pay attention to the stats that are coming in especially in the hot spots.
Educate people more. Our behavioral patterns have changed by force. We need to drill hygiene into people like never before. If people can’t get it have being shut in their homes and loosing the ability to earn a living, we’re doomed.

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