Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 13, 2020

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson plans to subpoena a consulting firm linked to Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian energy company he worked with for records to review potential conflicts of interest.

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President Donald J. Trump said Friday night that he supported a coronavirus response package negotiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in an apparent effort to get skeptical House Republicans on board with the legislation.

Viewer reaction:

Donovan Melius Is the bill available to the public so WE can see what they are trying to spend OUR money on?
We know it wont be just for this coronavirus BS. We know they have other spending hidden in the legislation that they know WE wouldn’t approve of.
So, seriously, is it available for the public to see??
I would like to read it.

Brenda Driskell The Senate needs to read this bill first – Lord knows Nancy might have added a little surprise not agreed to by the negotiators for the President. She’s not trustworthy.

Connie Arsenault Davis I’m sure the Democrats have, again, filled this package with costly, superfluous provisions which will be permanently included and are presently unnecessary to solve this epidemic. Mark my words! This is always their game plan. They are ecstatic that America is struggling and are blaming Trump for everything. Snakes!

Karen Benesta Yeah, after they took pelosi abortion term out. Glad they are reading these things and not just “passing the bill so we can read it”

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