Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 12,2020: This Pandemic Came Out of China -

Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 12,2020: This Pandemic Came Out of China

“In the next few months, American hospitals are likely to overflow with the desperately ill. It’s possible that many people who need immediate care, will be turned away to suffer and die…So does this seem like the right time to open our entire health care system to the rest of the world for free?”

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Canadian government officials announced Thursday night that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, tested positive for the coronavirus and “will remain in isolation for the time being.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio declares state of emergency in New York City; former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani reacts

Media, Democrats politicizing coronavirus to attack President Trump

Viewer reaction:

Mary Minskey Hospitals will never turn people away to die …under our current administration … Get a grip Tucker but I agree we should not have Medicare for all – that is when people would be turned away and left to die …..socialized medicine has proven it is a long wait for care ..

Daniel Kelly I do not see any more serious cases than the annual flu. Problem is , the media has hyped it to the point where all will seek treatment. Treating the masses is not necessary , only those vulnerable , or weak should be treated at hospitals . Just like the flu!

Edward Turknett So he’d rather people who need immediate healthcare to be turned away to suffer and die in the streets than he and his wealthy friends open their hearts and help them with their needs. Little does he know he’s not exempt from that same fate himself. There are a lot of people out here with his same elitist attitude will learn humility.

Dan Schmunk We really have no idea what will happen until we individually become sick. The virus is all about numbers. We in the US only have the ability to provide ventilators for 160,000 I’ll people.
We can not all become sick at the same time, if so our health system will crash and people die. Reality, social distancing and changing our habits is crucial


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