Tucker Carlson Tonight on April 28 2020: Big Tech censors dissent

Tucker Carlson Tonight on April 28, 2020

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“Pretty much everybody knows somebody who has either died from [coronavirus] or is sick from it and knows somebody who has lost a job as a result of it. That’s going to be a very high hurdle for the president to overcome.”

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Chuck Bealefeld Michael Heup is my Little Brother! I have worked closely with Michael in many adventures to raise funds for Special Olympics MD. He is tireless and will do anything to help. He comes from an incredible family who are always there to support him. Great Job Michael

Jim Ferrell Must be nice. I got cleared 2 days before funding ran out and am still waiting!! It guts me to see all these public traded companies stealing our funds to help save us. I have not had a paycheck for 5 weeks.

Eileen Peterson Pollacek This young man Micheal was amazing today and it was a very proud moment for him to be at the White House with the President. Special Needs people arent usually given chances like him and here he has this amazing job for himself that hes telling the country about and the President and what happens. A bunch of people who hes never done a dam thing to try to destroy his moment with hate and insults on his post. Priceless

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